Signs of Life Are Everywhere

Trees are budding. Our neighbor's tulips are poking up through the ground. It's been rainy and the temperatures have been a lovely break from the arctic frozen tundra we experienced last month. I am in puppy love with spring, but it's a pretty hardcore crush. I had always been in love with summer, but now that hot flashes are a thing, we may be breaking up this year.

I wrote poetry today! I kinda messed it up, but it still worked out somehow. I'm wanting to revise it so it won't be a poetry doodle here today, but if I'm still jiving with it during the revision phase, I'll post it. I wrote while I was waiting for hubs to get out of court--today was another simple cattle call, and I didn't feel it necessary to be in the courtroom with him. So, I brought my journal and did the whole analog thing.

I did decide to do a home-based business. I may end up doing two because they would complement each other well, but right now it will be easier to go with Color Street and I may add a clothing sector this fall. Bottom line for me is that I completely stagnate when I am home all day, especially when my eyes are giving me issues. Hubs's stroke has proved that. I may not always be happy to be his private chauffeure, but it has gotten me out of the house, given me something to do, and made me feel worthwhile again. I started working full time when I was still in high school. I've worked full time and much of the time way more than full time for 30 years. In 2016 I went to part-time hours and in 2019 my health sucked enough I filed for disability, which was awarded last year.

The other reason I'm doing this is because I need a good reason to look my best so I can feel my best. Sweats and baseball caps have become too much of a norm in my life.

Not going to Florida now until probably May because we will definitely postpone Malta until late summer or autumn. Looks like we will be making a short road trip to Kansas City in the next couple of weeks, though. Yay! We love KC. One of our good friends and her son & his husband live there too, plus hubs's alma mater (where he received his PhD in Behavioral Psychology) is KU--not quite an hour outside of KC. Lawrence is an adorable college town with lots of boho shops for hippies like me. I also got a belly dance coin belt last time we went to KC (2018, I believe) in Westport, which is the arts district on the Missouri side.

I actually don't have any health news for once. Both hubs and I are maintaining. We went out to eat tonight with his family. His niece Julie is in town from Nebraska because she brought her son, who is going to live with my brother-in-law Gary for the foreseeable future. Ben is a bright, high functioning autistic 18-year-old. He can rattle off sports stats like you wouldn't believe!! But, he isn't into school or playing any sports. He's considering a tech or trade school, but for now hopes to get into logistics or delivery services (like UPS, FedEx, etc.). It's been nice getting to know Ben better, and Gary is so excited to have his grandson here. (Gary is a widower, so Ben is also keeping him from being as lonely.)


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