It's Just Like Spinning Plates

This is kind of my life right now, but hubs is off fishing with the next-door freighbor this afternoon and I have a tiny bit of downtime. Was trying to think of something nice to post when the rhyming poetry muse decided to be heard instead. It's just as well, because my brain is still feeling scattered. There will probably be another attempt at a Florida trip very soon, but thankfully Providence struck again and there is spring break and no rental cars easily available in Florida for the next week or so. Hubs is still tiring out quickly, so I'm happy to see him (thus both of us) home and regaining strength until mid-April for the Florida trip. He is still admitting that he went to Vegas too early, and despite me reminding him of this, he was reallyhoping to leave for Florida at the end of this week. Pushing it off another two weeks makes me feel much better, and hopefully we won't catch much of the spring break craziness. So, yeah. Life is a lot of spinning plates right now. Balance is everything.


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