Leaving for Las Vegas

tonight. I'm still in overwhelm mode. I couldn't find one of my shirts that I had set aside for Florida and want to bring this time around...and had a meltdown. Over a shirt. Welcome to my Terrible Fifty-Twos! A large portion of this, I think, is that I would really rather not go because Vegas is not at all my scene, and with COVID it is much less my scene. That said, hubs really wants me to go, so I'm going for his sake. Maybe I'll meet up with a dance sister. Maybe I'll go to the Hunger Games Museum. I'm sure we're bound to end up at a magic show, which I might sit out if the ticket prices are high. My goal for Vegas is to get a rough draft of my chapbook complete. I'll make sure I don't waste my airline ticket and will plan on a working trip.


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