Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Yes, the trip to Vegas is happening. We booked our flight last night.

I think we'll be staying on the strip. Hubs wants to stay at the Flamingo. We are still negotiating rates.
I think we'll be staying on the strip. Hubs wants to stay at the Flamingo. We are still negotiating rates.

I'm not particularly looking forward to the trip because most of Vegas is still shut down and I don't gamble. Well, I put $20 into a slot machine and if I win--YAY! We get extra spending money or a really nice dinner. If I lose...well, I find something else to do that is more entertaining and I'm only out a twenty dollar bill. (Yes, I am the sort who covets my winnings--I might reserve a small percentage of winnings to re-invest, but it's never more than 25% of the winnings and I set a budget I'm prepared to lose prior to putting any money down. Apparently I am not one to take risks--at least not with my money. Casinos hate people like me.) I'm also not looking forward to being in an airport. Though, if I'm being totally honest here, I was in and out of a hospital and numerous doctors' offices the past couple of weeks and was likely exposed to ALL the deadly germs of the world. Is the airport any less safe? I will double mask. I'll try to talk hubs into it too, but it's hard to get him to single mask let alone double mask. And, I could so easily be a widow today. Since I'm not a widow and my husband REALLYreallyREALLY wants to go, but doesn't want to be the 3rd wheel so wants me there...yeah. I'll bring plenty of things to occupy my brain. And, now that I have thousands of audiobook options through my library if my eyes are bad and I'll be continuing work on my fairy world novel, practicing Shimmy Mob choreography and our magician friend & "his girl" (that's how he refers to his girlfriend...he refers to me as "baby mama" lol) are who we'll be with--she is meh about magic like I am, so I suspect we'll hang out a bit while the boys are magician-ing. I don't really know Lindsay all that well, but I have only a positive view of her--she seems really nice and down to earth-quiet and reserved, but I feel she'd be a hoot once she gets to know someone. She's also a neurology nurse, so she can help me keep an eye on hubs if he starts overdoing things. Which he is inclined to do. Yesterday was not a good day for him, so I told him to approach this like he has lupus...he needs to conserve some energy before we go to Las Vegas, so I am doing my best to encourage him to have a light day today and a light schedule this weekend.

I am going ahead with the ColorStreet Nail Bar party. If you are curious about the longevity of the sticker nail polish, I can mail you a sample-drop me a DM. Or you can request to join my Facebook group-- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1813694312142156/?multi_permalinks=1813816918796562%2C1822988807879373&notif_id=1614944177869100&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif — don't be thrown by it calling me Cheri, because I have gone by both Cheri and Cherry since the day I was born. I've been favoring Cherry lately because that's what my Cuban family called me, and it makes me feel closer to them in a small way. ColorStreet is a home-based business I'm considering...we shall see. It would be good in the belly dance community, but in terms of business growth, I don't have a lot of avenues outside of that since I don't work outside of the home anymore. Still chewing on that possibility. I'd rather be involved with clothing or home textiles, but I can see a nail business combining with a home or clothing business. (Double the work though for two businesses--I really need to journal and think on this a bit more. Plus, I need to verify that I can have home businesses while drawing disability benefits. All I know, is that I'm not cut out for staying at home all the time. Just being chauffeure for hubs is making me feel slightly more human.)

The eyes are doing MUCH better today. I can't be on steroidal eye drops for the remainder of my life though, so something will have to improve somewhere along the way. I've also noticed a sharp decrease in my near vision the past couple of months. Some of that could still be the lingering infection/allergy issue. At this point, I fear I will never be able to wear eye make-up again. When I was in the corporate world, even my 3-minute make-up job included eyeliner--it just helped me look a tiny bit more polished. Now I just look middle-aged and exhausted without any make-up. (Which is the truth of how I *feel* but I used to be able to look better than how I actually felt, and now it's all coming back to bite me in the butt.)

Dang it. I was really going for something that wasn't so heavy on health updates, but that is MY ENTIRE LIFE right now, so I guess health gets sprinkled in with everything I know right now. My health. Hubs's health. My friends. I have another bestie friend going in for hernia surgery later this month and I wish her all the best. It seems like it just never ends. I just want to be. Do. Live. On that note, I need to be, do and live a little more housework. I've been mostly keeping up, but I could be more on top of things than I currently am. Peace, love & butterflies--have a great weekend!


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