Jeepers, Creepers (Where'd ya get them peepers?)

I've been driving with half of one eyeball this week, and yesterday was extra tough, so I got an emergency appointment. Thankfully, I'm still medically cleared to drive! This means I'm still the designated chauffeure and we don't have to spend all of our money on Uber or bus fare. I have to double up on the steroidal eyedrops again, and today is quite a bit better, but I am babying them still because we can't afford to both be unable to drive. Yesterday was scary. I discovered my eyes do better if I alternate heat packs and ice packs. The best thing ever is when I freeze a damp wash cloth and use that after a heat pack. 

The most significant thing the eye doctor told me was that allergies are exacerbating how bad my eyes are. Yesterday I couldn't even open one of them until I'd babied them for a few hours because it was too swollen. Allergy medication is a double-edged sword for me. It didn't help a few years ago when I was first dealing with my eyes going south, and I stopped taking the daily meds because at that time it was thought that my eyes were drying out even more due to the allergy medication and making them worse. I don't have anything to lose at this point, so I'm back on the meds again. Not a fan, but I'm running out of options.

Hubs has his first follow-up stroke appointment this afternoon. This one will be with his cardiologist, as he has a-fib and they believe that this caused the thickening of the blood, which caused the clot, which caused the stroke. He's currently at work--I took him to the pharmacy & bank before dropping him off. Tomorrow I'll stay for a bit at his office if my eyes are holding up, so I can sit with his secretary on a couple of things I'm not trained to do and I can help her with some more advanced Word things I use while I'm there that she wanted to learn. His day isn't too strenuous--he's mostly caught up, but he has an online seminar going on over the lunch hour.

Last night we met up with our elderly friends who are definitely out of the woods with COVID!! Hooray! =) So, our friend Brenda made a Jell-O cake to celebrate their good health, hubs's recovery and her own recovery (she had knee surgery in December). It was a good night. Doc is finally regaining his appetite, but he looked so small and frail and his appetite is not 100% yet. Nor is hubs's appetite--but he could still stand to drop a few dozen pounds and his appetite is absolutely returning, as he has been not only eating more, but also using cannabis at night the past two nights and is eating spicy foods again. Doc needs to gain weight now. He was in rare form, but his memory is definitely worse. He asked hubs about a half dozen times if I was beating up on him because of his black eye. lol Speaking of which, hubs's vision is the biggest lingering issue he's having now. This disrupts his balance a little and even though I know he'd love to have the freedom to drive again, he isn't comfortable driving yet. That doesn't prevent him whatsoever from being a back-seat driver, however. Sigh. 

I haven't heard yet how Cathy's follow-up went yesterday. I want to give her some time to process everything. I know how frightened she sounded the other night, so I'd like to give her a little space, but I'll text her tomorrow if she doesn't call us.

I'm off to do some housework which has been woefully neglected lately. I've barely been keeping up with dishes and laundry. Hopefully soon my entries will return to slice of life (which unfortunately happen to be all health-related lately) or poetry instead of all the health updates. Happy Hump Day!


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