Finding the poetry inside

Acid Rain
Acid Rain

It's a beautiful day. I might paint out on the patio again. Acid Rain is another artsy experiment from the other day.

On days when my brain is mushy, but I'm still inspired to create, I write found poetry. I've been doing this so much lately that it is becoming ingrained in my habits. Much better than wasting away in bed when my head hurts!

A friend of mine gave me several pages from a book to play around with. Finding some good stuff on occasion.

Wild Sound

song memories

shade of beauty

my heart is spirit made bright by angels

hear the chime

my ear; wild sound

swollen, strong, sweeping

the sleep song 

sweet on the air the shadows greet

The Rose

vast sky

spirit sighs

winds moan deep in the night

midnight's garden

the rose alone kissed sacred clay

his world to bless


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