When Baby Steps Are Giant Leaps (update)

I'm home for the puppy boys, food and a break for my eyes. Seeing a lot of progress overall today.

1. He isn't feeling well today--yesterday he felt good and wanted very much to come home, but he's feeling puny today and wants to rest. We believe it's a result of all the medication adjustments.

2. Still no MRI. We hoped that they would have done this yesterday, but as of 2:30 this afternoon, they hadn't gotten him down to do that.

3. He had an EKG today--he has high blood pressure and is a heart attack risk, so he's been monitored by a cardiologist ever since I met him 28 years ago. The reason for the EKG though was to see if he has a hole in his heart or any other failure that has been missed over the years that could have contributed to the stroke.

4. He's finally getting used to the idea that he isn't going to just bounce back from this and go back to work right away. He actually asked me if I could check to see if he qualifies for disability (he does not because he's 65+) so he recognizes how serious this is and is somewhat out of denial, though not completely.

5. He is off of the initial medications now and is on his permanent blood thinner that he will need to take for the rest of his life.

6. He doesn't have much of an appetite yet, but he is eating a little bit. It's the hard way to lose weight, but he has about 60 pounds to drop. I'm looking into diet and what we should be eating in the future. We're both foodies, but I've been able to make diet food fun in the past, so it's time to figure it out again.

7. He will be transferred to the general floor this afternoon or evening. We're hopeful they will release him tomorrow afternoon, but gut feeling says it will be Wednesday.

8. I saved the very best news for last. A physical therapist FINALLY worked with him! It was better than I could have hoped for. He was steady, and his gait was fairly smooth, though it was a little hard to tell because he's still hooked up to a bunch of wires and tubes. Because he did so well with walking the hallway, they had him try a few steps and he aced those too. He only had one spotter with him (another PT was on standby) and she used the belt, just in case he got wobbly, but he didn't. So, PT signed off and I don't think he will need it going forward, but they did say they will evaluate him one more time before he's discharged.. Still thinking we might set up a little bedroom for him in the basement though, so he can build up more strength before doing stairs on a daily basis. His blood pressure really shot up after his walk.


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