Waking Sleep (plus mini hubs update)

Now that hubs is out of the woods, I finally got some sleep last night. I still feel groggy and half asleep, and my eyes are not handling the overuse and stress very well at all, so I will not be able to be at the hospital as much today. I haven't gone out yet, as we expected hubs would have his MRI early this morning. Talked to him about 20 minutes ago, and they hadn't taken him down for it yet.

Speech pathology went very well, as expected, and I don't believe he will need to follow up with them. After they realized he didn't lose the ability to swallow, they allowed him to eat. He ordered grilled cheese. Not a ton of appetite, but a little bit.

On the topic of speech, he is slurring less, but still does when he tires and he tires out fairly quickly. His voice is also weaker, but he mostly sounds like himself.

He's still in the ICU but should get transferred to a general room this afternoon.

He still hasn't been evaluated by a PT but this is promising: last night he was starting to get really sore at his pressure points-butt, back, heels, etc. and they transferred him to the recliner chair in his room. He was pretty stable while they did this, so I'm hopeful he won't have long-term mobility issues.


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