Stubborn Old Men (an update on hubs)

Will do this in bullets because I have gotten zero sleep (every time I dozed off last night, I imagined I heard my phone ringing that twilight hour doom ring in the other room and it jolted me awake every single time--as an aside, I slept with the phone by my side, but in that semi-lucid drowsy state, it *sounded* like my phone was ringing in another room) and my eyeballs are screaming, so I came home to let the pups out (our awesome neighbors couldn't coax Primo out earlier, but they took Reno out for a potty), eat because it dawned on me I hadn't eaten in 24 hours and take a nap. Exhaustion I can deal with, but my eyes need the rest too.

1. Today is a big improvement over yesterday. His speech is not nearly so slurred. Still gets slurry when he starts to tire, though.

2. He is still weak and it looks like the weakness is mostly on his right side. He is also slower to respond to stimuli on that side. Fortunately, he is a leftie.

3. He thinks he can go to court on Tuesday for a first appearance for a client. Um, buddy, I think you will likely be in the hospital still. They are telling us he *may* get released tomorrow night, but that is a big maybe, and definitely not a certainty. I opened my big mouth and told him I was going to ask his secretary to clear his schedule for the week and he started to get worked up over that, so I dropped it to keep his blood pressure down. But, he ain't going to work on Tuesday.

4. He has a brain bleed that clotted and that is what caused the stroke. 

5. The folks at The Hungry Moose, his favorite pinball hangout, are absolute heroes in my book. The first responders, too. If it wasn't for their quick thinking and recognizing that he either had a stroke or concussion because his speech was so off got on the phone to call an ambulance right away. The ambulance was just down the street. Hubs got life-saving medications within 5 minutes. In a stroke, every second counts.

6. The arctic wave that hit most of the nation was what kept us home instead of going to Florida. We would have been driving back home this weekend, had everything gone according to plan. The arctic tundra SAVED HIS LIFE. (Dammit...now I can't hate winter anymore.)

7. Yesterday he had a CAT scan, which revealed the blood clot. Today he will have an MRI.

8. A speech pathologist will be working with him today (in fact, he might have already met with them after I left this morning). To be honest, I think his speech will be just fine because his speech patterns are nearly back to normal already. I am worried about motor skills and muscle strength, however. See #9.

9. He cannot be upright for 24 hours, which means he hasn't met his physical therapist yet. Hopefully that will be tonight, but I think it's more likely to be tomorrow. I'm quite worried about his mobility. It will destroy him if he isn't able to hop off the bed and ambulate like normal.

10. I'm not quite so scared like I was last night. There are so many question marks permeating the air right now, though. I think some of those question marks will be erased once they've gotten him up and evaluated him, and for right now, I need to keep my own strength up so I can be there for him. 

On that note, I bid you all a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Since I'm not so frightened for his future now, I should be able to catch a couple of Zs. I will head back out to the hospital around 3:30 or 4.


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