Another Setback

So. Now hubs is being obstinate about driving to Florida. He has wanted to fly all along and couldn't understand my reluctance. I *might* be okay with flying soon...but I am sticking to my guns and I am not quite ready for airports yet (airports are freaking me out way more than the airplane trip itself--I have not been in a crowd in over a year). If he doesn't want to drive, I won't fly until at least March. So, now our Florida trip has been pushed even further. Guess I could double mask for a little extra protection and gloves in Illinois won't look odd, but gah. I'm almost to the point where I don't even want to go to Florida this winter/spring.

Also, my rheumatologist okayed the COVID vaccine for me. Hubs and I will both need to get that before we can travel to Europe in May. Maybe I'll feel a bit better in crowds once we've been vaccinated? Unfortunately, I have to have a doctor "prescribe" it for me because I'm too young to be on the list. That should not be a problem since I have pre-existing conditions.

The migraines have been rather unpleasant lately, and I have some $ left on my gift card to the salon where I got my hair updated last week---I'm going for a deluxe 90-minute facial that includes neck and shoulder massage next Tuesday. Hoping they can recommend something for the ugly lupus rash on my face and work out some of the kinks that our massage chair isn't hitting so my head feels better. 

Also plan to visit my case worker for SSD. This not working thing is starting to wear on me, and I know there are certain things I can do. Hoping home-based sales could be one of those things. Not necessarily ColorStreet, though it may be an option. I'm thinking more of a clothing line like Cabi. I make my own jewelry, so a jewelry biz isn't what I'm seeking either...but I do want it to be something that gets me out of the house more and helps me feel good about myself.

Just some Friday night ramblings. Ever have that feeling where nothing is right, but nothing is wrong either? I think most people call this feeling "restlessness" but I am not usually restless. Maybe it's the energy boost that hit me today? Dunno. I should go write by hand in my journal. Happy Weekend!


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