Friday Energy

Me today!
Me today!

Happy Friday!! ♥ Not sure where the energy is coming from, but YAY! I don't need to know. I'm doing my best to be productive without overdoing things because I'm digging today.

I had a bit of cabin fever, and went to the dollar store to see if there was anything there I couldn't live without. I got new face masks for the Florida trip that are spring-like.

Hosting a ColorStreet online party for my husband's mail carrier (the ray of sunshine at his office when I'm filling in). DM me if you want a sample to try for yourself-I can mail them out to you. It's been 4 weeks now, and since I haven't been anywhere, I decided to see how long I could get by with the ColorStreet nails. Topped out about a week ago and now those nails are chipped too, so I'll need to give myself a manicure this weekend.

Tonight will be chicken fried steak and asparagus. Actually, I have not been into fried foods much, so I think I'll marinate my chopped steak and broil it instead. Hubs wants his fried.

Did anyone watch NASA TV yesterday? We watched the Perseverance landing-so cool. Just in time for the landing, hubs got his new Space Box (from his Christmas gift) in the mail and it's all about Mars.



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