Pre-Packing Frenzy

It's a wintry, icy, snowy tundra here in Illinois. Hubs suggested we leave for Florida on Wednesday night or Thursday morning instead of Friday. He didn't need to twist my arm! My nail polish strips might not make it in time, but I'm ready for spring like temperatures!

Bought groceries for our trip today after my eye appointment. (Eye is still ailing. I have more drops and my eyes were still too messed up to test for prescription lenses.) I'm making yuca fries and Cuban style turkey paninis tonight for dinner. I bought extra turkey to make sandwiches to bring on our trip. 

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday. I've gotten as far as throwing a bunch of clothes and other travel stuff into my suitcase, so packing is happening. I need to make a list so I don't forget anything. We may be gone up to 10 days this time around (depends if we decide to do any serious house-hunting while we're there).

Also trying to get the floors, etc. all clean before we go. Our next door freighbors will be taking care of the furbabies. They are all more comfortable staying inside the house. The neighbors take the puppy boys out to potty 4x a day and 1x for a short walk. Now that Cressie is a big 11.5 pound kitty, I don't worry so much about her escaping, but they had more problems keeping her INSIDE than they did anything else last time we traveled!! And, there is a hawk nearby that I hear squawking from time to time. Usually in the morning. So, I'm not super thrilled with her being outside, but she did beat up a wild turkey when she was smaller (probably about 8 pounds then--it was last spring) so I know she's a scrappy little fighter. But, I get it. If I was pet-sitting, I'd be destroyed if a kitty (or any animal!) escaped and got hurt by a woodland critter.


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