A Cherry Bomb just dropped into your area

Hi, I'm Cherry. I'm a writer and a creative from America, though I hope to be living in Central America before too long. It's built into my DNA to crave warmer climates, as my family comes from Cuba.

Several years ago I had a LiveJournal and I posted frequently. I used it primarily for experimental poetry and metaphorical ramblings, but I think I want to do a combination of experimental writings and actual blog posts this time around.

Most of what I write about consists of writing--poetry, short stories, novels, flash fiction, creative non-fic, handwritten correspondence, etc. I also write about new art techniques I'm learning,  photography, books I'm reading and loving (or hating), disease (I am a spoonie), music--mostly what I am listening to but I also play keys and hand drums, animals (especially my sweet fur babies and also my spirit animal which is the seal or sea lion), neurolinguistic programming and meditation techniques, yoga, dance (I'm a belly dancer and am learning salsa), body image, hiking, letterboxing, RAKtivism, technology--especially drones and getting young women and girls interested in STE(A)M and I love the weird and unexplained.

I'm currently going through some books of prompts for my own journaling, and I'm typing them out, creating "found poetry" from the entries, and discovering more about myself than I would with ordinary journaling. I intend to post some of those entries and found poetry here as I go along.

By trade, I am an unmanned drone pilot. I fly DJI Phantoms presently, and am ready to upgrade our drone. I am in the 4% of FAA certified female drone pilots in America currently, and my mission is to balance that percentage out in the next generation. Prior to that, I held paralegal, legal secretary, executive secretary and human resources positions, but I was also a database developer as far back as the 1990s. I've always been drawn to technology, and began coding in 1981 when I was a little girl.

This is about as much as I would like to divulge right now. I need to get reacquainted with LiveJournal. It was my online home once before, and I'd like to make it my home again.

Peace, love & butterflies. 


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