She Lives On Color Street

The ones I ordered are very similar, but not exact to these.
The ones I ordered are very similar, but not exact to these.

Another lifetime ago, I worked a lot of 70 and 80 hour weeks--if you add writing onto that, the weeks were even longer. Prior to that period of my life, I did my own nails and was pretty fastidious about it all. When my work hours started to drastically increase in the late 90s/early 00s and I didn't have time to keep up with heavy grooming (some of the grooming was because I was still modeling locally, but it didn't pay me enough to continue once I got so busy and was never more than a side job to begin with), let alone time to breathe or sleep, I decided to get gel nails and I considered those 2 1/2 hours every 3-4 weeks at a nail salon my personal downtime battery recharging system. It was about that time that the migraines started to get bad and my runs got tedious--filled with pain and exhaustion and shame. I left my full time job because I was getting so sick and we were more than busy with our consulting business. Consulting was so busy that I was putting in an average of 30+ hours a week even after I left my full-time job and I thought the migraines would lessen with a lighter schedule. (They did not.) But, because I wasn't bringing in the awesome wage I had previously enjoyed and because we started to homeschool our daughter, gel nails seemed too extravagant and frivolous. My nails were so weak when they took them off that it took a full six months to have healthy nails again. I swore I'd NEVER do the gel nails again.

Now that I have all the time in the world, I am no longer fastidious about anything. Especially my nails. Right now, I have 8 grotesquely chipped green nails and 2 glittery silver nails that still look perfect. I did my nails 2 weeks ago. The silver nails are ColorStreet. The mail carrier at hubs's office is adorable and I love it when she comes in because she brings sunshine into a dour grouchy old attorneys' office. This is her side gig. She gave me the free trial when I worked there a couple of weeks ago (the silver nails which I cut and filed down to fit my ring fingers). They aren't cheap. But...they are cheaper than salon nails. And they've already lasted for two weeks? That's crazy talk! But here I am with two perfect nails still. So, it's still too extravagant to do sticker nail polish on a regular basis, but I think I'm sold for travel. Perhaps special occasions. I ordered a set from her. I hope they'll arrive in time, as we are talking about leaving a day earlier next week.

I also have a hair appointment before we leave for Florida. Hubs gave me a gift certificate for an upscale salon. I love my hippie stylist (she goes by Rainbow Brite) and will most likely return to her for my hair, but we now have a massage chair in our home and my hair needs help more than my shoulders do at this moment. I may add another fun color this time around. I'm thinking magenta.

Finally, I have an eye appointment before we leave. Hopefully if I order new corrective lenses, they'll be able to get them to me before we leave. My eye is still giving me hella issues though it is quite a lot better than it was. I have no idea what to get in terms of frames. All I've been wearing lately is goggles so pretty much everything will look better on me than those! haha 

Since color is the theme of this post, I'd like to run with it a little more. I color theme every vacation we go on. This is practical on a couple of fronts. One, if I stick with one basic color for my wardrobe, I don't have to bring so many shoes or jewelry, hats, etc. to match. That was my original goal-to pack lighter. I've been doing it for about two decades now though and another thing I love about having a color theme is that I can look back at photos and know (approximately) when and where we were at any given time. We'll be gone over Valentine's Day this year, but my favorite goggles are pink and gray, so pink will be my color for this trip. This is the first time I've ever had pastel pink in my wardrobe and I still don't have a ton, but I do have magentas, berries and darker pinks--so I'm bringing a mix of all of those. And, I do pack light. Very light for a woman, though not as light as hubs--enough that he complains about how heavy my carry-on is (we don't own anything outside of carry-ons because we are both light travelers), but he doesn't mind wearing the same clothes 3 times. I do. A lot. I'll wear pants/jeans a couple of times but I want at least a fresh shirt every day.


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