Forgot to mention that I've been listening to audiobooks, podcasts and meditations with my ailing eyeballs. 2 books down so far this year and I enjoyed both of them very much: The Butterfly Effect by Rachel Mans McKenny. Oddly, the main character reminded me very much of my mother, so after reading this book I think I understand my mom a little bit more. My mother also abhorred people in general--similar to the MC, Greta. (I also appreciate the author's use of the name Greta in this novel, as it refers to butterflies, and the MC is a lepidopterist, or butterfly scientist. I'm hugely into names like this in my own writing. I also have a novel I wrote set in a land called Lepidoptera because its inhabitants are giant butterfly people.) I'm a people person despite my mother and the monster, though I am solidly an ambivert so I get energized by people, but they also wear me down. I think it depends on the day, my mood and my health. The sicker I get, the more introverted. The healthier, the more I crave socialization. I also read The Mermaid of Jeju by Sumi Hahn which I absolutely LOVED. I say "read" but really, I listened. I almost feel like I have cheated by listening to novels instead of reading them. Then I remember, "Oh yeah...I don't have the eyes to read anymore..." It is not the same to listen, yet, it gets closer to reading the longer I go with eye issues. Listening to a novel is much better than not reading and not listening.


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