Frosty...is a happy, jolly soul

My eye is definitely feeling better, but still quite angry, so I just have a couple of moments to alleviate some boredom. I also alleviated some cabin fever this afternoon--I picked up my Frosty 5K race packet on the Peoria Riverfront today, which is essentially downtown. Since I was so close to my favorite coffee house and everything is opened up again (albeit with restrictions like social distancing, masks, etc.) I am enjoying my first miel in probably over a year! (I'm in heaven.) After I picked up my coffee, I went to my favorite hippie store and bought some ankle jingles for dance and a pair of comfy hippie pants. Might wear the pants tomorrow during the race. It matches my new navy shirt--it's a long sleeve moisture-wicking tee. One of the nicest race tees I think I've ever gotten (the logo is meh, but cute), and I've been running charity races since the late 1980s.

When I go back to the eye doctor (Feb 8th) I'm going to bite the bullet and get some prescription lenses. I have monovision. Essentially that means I have 20/20 vision when both eyes are used together, but I'm farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other. Sadly, it isn't always possible to use both of my eyes together (as evidenced by the past couple of months) and I think eye strain is possibly a component of how horrid this has all been lately.

Making London Broil marinated in Carolina mustard BBQ sauce tonight. Can't wait!


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