Unsighted Territory

Not even sure where to begin with this entry, other than it has only been a little over a month since I filled in for hubs's secretary. Today I had issues with my vision. It was soooo much worse than it was 5 or 6 weeks ago.

It was fortunately a slow day. I had a ton of crap to do when I first got in, but by noon, not much at all. But, it was evident that I had a hard time with some things because my vision was blurry. Cheaters are great but they don't cancel blurriness, at least not the type caused by Sjogren's/lupus. The cool thing about cheaters though, is that they magnify the blurriness to where you can make sense of what you see. I should be resting my eyeballs NOW, but I'm not sleepy yet (too early) and today freaked me out a little bit, so needed to gripe. I'll be in bed soon though, because I work tomorrow and Friday too.

Because I had some downtime at the office today, I called my library to see if they had any material to learn Braille while still sighted. I know my disease can lead to retina damage--thus far, it's been relegated to my corneas, but that still blurs EVERYTHING to the point I strongly worry about my future. There really isn't a lot out there. I came home with a book with the dots to feel---it's mostly a tutorial and history for sighted parents of blind children. It's a start. Maybe I'll read more if I can truly learn Braille. The issue then is--there are not a lot of books available in Braille.

Maybe this is my calling--to make Braille more available to the masses. I am feeling a tug in that direction, I'm a writer, and I struggle with my own vision. I'm an avid reader who is appalled by the lack of reading material for the sight-impaired. I also had an awesome meditation/lucid dream in this vein, so I'm beginning to think I am finding my new legend.


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