DIY, Braille & Puppy Update


Given the issues I've had with my eyes the past few years and that I struggled with my vision today at the office, and because today has been a pretty slow law day, I called my library to see if they offered any resources for sighted people learning Braille. Actually, the original reason I called was to see if they had record of me ever having a PIN so I can get on their online audiobook lending system. I have to go into the library (which opened again to the public this week) because my card expired, so I have no card and no PIN currently. I need to stop by the grocery store on my way home, so I'll pop into the library this afternoon.

We spent a lovely hour at another local library last night learning about the chartering of Pekin, Illinois. I'm a huge supporter of the library system, and I love all the things they are still able to do for the community even during lockdown.

I also signed up for some DIY arts and crafts through a couple of different libraries. Basically, you sign up for it, pay for any supplies (so far I haven't had to pay anything) and they bring out a little packet curbside with instructions/material so you can make something from home. The one I signed up for is to make bath bombs with essential oils.

Primo Puppy is back to his hyper-energetic self again and is LOVING the treats we hide his medicine in! Of course we can't give one pup treats without giving the other one treats too--Reno is also a happy puppy boy. And, Cressie-Kitty ends up with a special treat if she's also in the kitchen while we're dosing Primo...I have a feeling she'll be there more often now that she knows there might be a little surprise for her, too. 


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