Eyes on Fire

the flame burns hot

and reddens all I see

for I am not

where I should be

the passions burn

and I must write

but the fires, I've learned

are filled with might

so, with charred feathers

and bloodshot eyes

storms must be weathered

so I can rise

My eyes are doing slightly better, which is a really good thing because I'm working at the law office later this week. It'll be nice to replenish some of the extra money I spent on Christmas gifts. The eyeballs are still hating on me quite a bit, and I don't work until Wednesday, so I am still trying to baby them and figure out the right balance for wearing the goggles to preserve my eyes but taking the goggles off in time to prevent a migraine (I do NOT have that balance figured out yet).

I'll be going in to get my hair done soon. I have a gift certificate for a fancy salon, but I don't know if they'll be equipped to do my crazy colors or if they are more conservative, so I need to give them a call. If they don't do crazy colors, I'm considering a facial. I have that lovely butterfly rash on my face (though it is not as pronounced as other lupies I know) and I'd like to see if there is a way to clear that up without medication.

I can't forget to pick up my packet to do the Frosty 5k--I believe the packet pick-up is the 29th. I need to walk more, though oddly I'm still in shape to walk (not speed walk--just a normal pace, which for me is about 3.2/3.3 mph) a 5k, even though I'm not normally walking that far (these days my walks are 1-2 miles), but I am wanting to build up my stamina so I'd like to keep doing these charity 5k races to keep me motivated while helping these charities--most of which support my local community.

Primo is at the vet for his teeth cleaning today. He did try to bite one of the vet techs this morning so they let me take him back & I held him while they gave him his sleepy boy shot & I put him in the holding crate. I should be able to pick him up this afternoon.


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