Quick, quick check-in

Eye infection is off the charts, so I have not been online much. So far, our elderly friends are doing okay and our friend's daughter has been able to social distance from her daughter who has COVID.

May be heading to Florida in our own car in the next month or so, although it will add 3 or 4 days to our trip. We'll be checking out the panhandle & north FL as possible places to retire. I am refusing to get on a plane right now (or bus, or train) with the new virus strains, so of course I'm the bad guy here, but I'm way too nervous to trust any public transportation right now. People forget that not only am I high risk with lupus & Sjogren's, but my husband is 67 years old. He's also high risk.

Guessing my renewed flare right now is tied into the news and the state of our nation. I've not been sleeping at all well, and when I do dream, a lot of it is about Donald the Delusional Dumbass (actually had a dream that this became a viral hashtag on Twitter and I was getting a lot of hate tweets...this is NOT the time to start viral hashtags in this vein, and that is what my dream pointed out to me). I think about the gaslighting I have personally received the past 5 or 6 years (from people very close to me, in fact) because I've been so firmly anti-Trump. It was because I was "stupid," "uneducated," "not a business woman," "not informed," etc. and I'm very glad that part of my life is over. One attempt since the 6th to gaslight me again has occurred...I responded by telling the person that they were too smart to be that gullible. In hindsight, it sounds like I was dishing up my own gaslighting attempt, so I need to think about my own actions here. Two wrongs don't make it right. If we are to remain a pillar of democracy, we need to come together, learn how to share our crayons and move on to heal our nation, take COVID seriously so we can combat the disease...and continue our discourse on other important matters.


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