So. Much. Humaning.

A lot of humaning going on right now. Hopefully not too much, but I did wake up this morning with two black eyes and a swollen face. Thank you #lupus for making me feel so attractive. Sigh.

Florida was awesome! So awesome, I neglected to take many photos. Here is one, however: 

Pride Fest, Punta Gorda, Florida
Pride Fest, Punta Gorda, Florida

We visited places all over southwest Florida, including Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers, Boca Grande, Tampa, Tarpon Springs & Venice. Caught up with a few friends. It was very chilly most of our time there, but we did have about two really nice days on the beach, so got a bit of color.

As soon as we got back, we learned we are one of the businesses that Bradley University's senior business consulting teams will help. Our team is comprised of 7 guys--as a woman-owned business, I did hope for at least one female, but the guys have embraced the woman tech aspect of our business. I've been doing a TON of work because I figure the more I can contribute the better the end results will be for not only me, but for these guys (I secretly call them Team Beard because all but one guy have beards--officially I call them #TeamDrone! hehe), I wish them great success not only in this final project, but in real life, too. 

I also joined my local chamber of commerce and am gathering my personal data to apply for a woman/minority owned business in America, which could grant me government opportunities, and an in to the Illinois State universities.

I'm currently working around the clock. Not sure how much longer my health will accommodate this schedule, so I'm trying to rest as much as I can, too. Not doing enough of that, probably, but I am scheduling some down time in so I don't get sick. Lupus sucks in that regard.


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