I wrote this when I was a teenager, just discovering that there was more than one race because my family was so very mixed. See, I identify as Cuban, but I present as white for the most part and had a Blackfoot great-grandmother who was forcibly removed from her family back in the day. This might give you some insight as to how I'm handling everything that is transpiring in our nation right now...I'm sad. Very sad. This poem is circa 1987 or 88 in case anyone cares. I was about 18 years old. Still sums up where I am right now.


Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

under one sky

living in harmony 

it's all so Neapolitan

Chocolate girl hugs vanilla guy

Strawberry kiss

melts the sky

it's Neapolitan

Strawberry guy

meets vanilla girl

they have a baby

a strawberry swirl

I scream

the melting pot

will grant us free


Everyone's different

each individual

but extraordinary

when put together

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

share their flavors

around the globe

in Neapolitan harmony

It's Neapolitan

our world today

did it occur to you

it should be this way?


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