Love Letters

Found poetry from Peoria Magazine: https://www.peoriamagazines.com/pm/2020/aug/love-letters-peoria

Artwork by Morgan "Madhatter" Mullen--the focus of the article. ♥
Artwork by Morgan "Madhatter" Mullen--the focus of the article. ♥

anger into positive

masks with six versions

muses of comedy, tragedy

tears reveal sadness

frustrated by negativity

channel anger into positive

amidst chaos--helping others

love letters people can wear

protected and supported 

by the community

I think the collective negativity in my country is contributing to my individual negativity. I'm ashamed by how negatively I reacted yesterday to hubs's loss of drone and phone (which actually occurred on Tuesday) and I know he feels horrible about losing both. I think I'm more angry with myself than with him right now--I let myself get suckered into the drone business. That isn't completely his fault because I did not stick to my guns at the onset. 

Anyway, my eyeballs still hate me. The United States is still in flames. COVID is still killing people. It's time to take personal stock and see how I can help improve the situation. I am not interested in fanning the flames, and I think that's what I did yesterday...I am very sorry I vented here, but I appreciate this format in which I can safely vent. Maybe I needed to vent because I did stuff down that angst for a number of years. I think I should have focused my anger more like Ms. Mullen did with her art though. Art therapy can be a great healer. Hence, the inspiration behind my found poem.

Peace, love & butterflies. Be well, stay safe. ♥


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