Open Letter to 2021

Dear 2021,

Hi! It's so wonderful to meet you at long last. Can we be friends?

See, a year ago I was super excited to meet 2020 and had all sorts of hopes and dreams of where our friendship could take us. My plans included concerts, travel, dining out, hanging out with our mutual friends, etc. Unfortunately, 2020 turned out to be a misguided sociopath and a severe agoraphobe, so please forgive me if I'm a little bit wary. Once bitten, twice shy, as the saying goes, but I know that you are not at all like 2020 and I'm keeping an open mind.

Let's make this a fabulous year, shall we? Let's go to Malta together. Let's explore some cities nearby, hang out with friends, dine indoors, go to concerts, hike, dance, write and make art together. Let's laugh and have fun. Maybe you can help me forget that I ever met a disaster like 2020 and become my new best friend.

2021, you have all the power to be amazing. I believe in you.




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