Shimmy Mob Registration for 2021

Shimmy Mob registrations for 2021 open on January 1st. The moment I became a belly dancer and discovered this event, I was hooked. This is a belly dance flash mob that raises awareness of #DomesticAbuse and also raises funds for local women's and children's shelters. EVERYONE deserves safety. Given my past history from childhood and my first marriage, this resonates with me deeply. The coolest part? You don't even have to have any dance experience. You get all the tutorials. I don't know how it will go in 2021 for in-person rehearsals (we did them through 2019, but obviously 2020 did not allow in-person meet-ups) but you get full video tutorials, including breakdowns of different segments of the chosen dance. Many cities and groups did Zoom rehearsals last year. I dance with Bloomington/Normal/Peoria and oddly enough, we are the ONLY group in Illinois who participates as of 2020. I don't get it. Why does Chicago not have a group? Champaign? Springfield? Joliet?

Needless to say, I will be signing up. Again. This will be my 6th year, I believe! I've been a belly dancer for nearly 6 years--2015, so my first Shimmy Mob was 2016. I didn't participate my first year only because I did what every (ab)normal person does when they jump into a new hobby--I joined a student performance dance troupe! Just to showcase my lack of coordination to the entire world!! lol Because I was brand new to not only belly dance, but ANY FORM OF DANCE, and I had two pieces of choreography to learn for my new dance troupe, I didn't think it was wise to add a 3rd piece to learn.


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