A fun meme about cars!

I stole this from one_raido who stole it from someone else, but I'm a big car girl. They're sexy. They're fun. And, I like to go fast--pretty sure my list will confirm it.

List the Cars you have owned, add any comments you want.

A side-note. I name my cars. Actually, I name pretty much everything I love, and since cars are one of my loves, I tend to name them.

1. Beast. 1968 Ford Mustang — barf green, but I loved Mustangs sooooo much at that time. I bought it for $500 in 1985 (yes, my own money) and it had rust holes so big, I could put my entire leg through them. The floor boards were also rusted and poor Bestie Nikki V (still a very close friend of mine, but I have 2 besties named Nikki! lol) got soaked one rainy morning on our way to high school! lol My friends nicknamed this car "The Beast" and it stuck. It let us down very badly one night when we TPed a buddy's house...as in, it was our getaway car, it died, and we had to call our friend's dad to rescue us (side note--the TPing was the friend's dad's idea...so since he was the instigator of this charade, he did come to rescue us, no questions asked). I learned how to change a tire, spark plugs and battery with this beastie.

2. Baby Comet. 1965 Mercury Comet — FAST!!! Not quick, mind you, but very fast at top end. I did a lot of (illegal...kids, DON'T DO THIS!) street racing in it, and I won I think every time but once. It was a 3 on the tree, which freaked out my passengers on a regular basis, but once they realized it was manual shift, not automatic, they thought it was super cool. Unfortunately, this was a guilt gift from the monster when I was 17, so as much fun as my friends and I had in it (I drove a lot when I was a young woman because 1) I love to drive and 2) my car was a guy magnet and 3) my friends and I looked hawt in it! lol)...gah. I appreciate the awesome memories my friends and I made in the car, and it was a gorgeous car --pearlescent white with a light blue interior-- but the reason I was gifted the car is something I try to put out of my mind. I drove this car the longest. 10 years.

2.5. These are cars that my ex-husband and I owned together while I lived in New Mexico and I drove often. I still had my Comet, so these were mainly his to drive, so that's why they don't deserve their own #. 1990 white & red Ford Ranger. Sadly, right after we bought our first vehicle together as a married couple, we learned I was expecting and this was not an extended cab, so once my daughter was born, it was not a good choice for a family car. We traded it in for a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0, also white with a red interior. When I divorced the ex, I left him the Mustang and the car payment and I took the Comet back to Illinois with me.

3. Copper. 1986 Mercury Capri. It was a coppery orange and super cute. This car was a lemon, but I was a single mommy at the time, and the Comet was nickel and diming me to death. Sadly, this car and the next basically nickel and dimed me, too.

4. Blah. 1985 Ford T-Bird. FUGLY car. Big and boxy. Gray and boring, but it got us around. It was great for about a year. Then, the heater went out in the dead of winter. Nothing like having to pull over to defrost your windows on the INSIDE. =( Then a whole host of other electrical things went awry. I drove this a total of 2 years, I think...

5. Speedy McGreedy. 1988 Ford Mustang — a zippy white 5.0 litre. Super quick! Might have given my Comet a run for its money--thinking it would have been quicker, but not faster at top end. TERRIBLE in snow. I drove it for about 3 years, I think.

6. Black Stallion. 1996 Chevrolet S-10. Black, tubbed out sides and adorable. Plus, a great vehicle for hauling things, which is just one reason we got it. Also, horrible in the snow. I also blew up two engines. What can I say? I love to go fast!

7. Simone. (First car with talking GPS--reminded us of the movie!) 2002 Nissan Murano. Another coppery orange vehicle! I also called it my pumpkin-mobile and I drove it for 9 years. It got us through carting my child and her friends, props, costumes, writerly event swag, etc. (she was in theatre, chorus, etc.) and it also lived through driver's ed. Yup--my daughter learned how to drive in this vehicle. Nearly launched it over a parking block and into the timber as a result, but she quickly realized she was pressing the gas instead of brakes and we narrowly missed some trees, meanwhile I nearly wet myself in fear. haha It was my first AWD vehicle. After two that were so awful during the winter months (and quite honestly, this was the very FIRST vehicle I ever felt comfortable in when it was snowy), I had zero complaints, and LOVED this. It did make me look a little like a soccer mom, but it was so reliable, I didn't even care.

8. Cerise. Yup, after meeeee! It was my soulmate. 2010 Nissan Juke. After such a positive experience with the Murano, and after my daughter was in college so we didn't need to haul kids, props, etc., I was in the market for a smaller vehicle. I'd been driving trucks and SUVs for well over a decade, and we love the ability to haul things. The Juke suited my personality so well and I really wanted a blue one, but there was a red one for a great price nearby, so that's what I got. Another AWD (as long as I live where it snows, I will ALWAYS drive an AWD from here on out. It has made a HUGE difference in my life!) and it was red with a black interior. Of all the cars I've ever owned, the Juke is truly my soulmate. So much so...see below.

9. Soleil. 2015 Nissan Juke. When the warranty wore off on my red Juke, I was in the market to finally get my blue one. I found it!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't justify its price over a trade-in that was yellow. So, I still didn't get my blue Juke, but I did get another Juke. It did look a little bit like a taxi, and I hit a deer with it and had to get the entire passenger side front fender replaced because it shattered the fender, but I loved this one just as much as my red one. I miss my little Juke babies.

Not a good photo of Soleil, but doesn't Primo Puppy look cute?
Not a good photo of Soleil, but doesn't Primo Puppy look cute?

10. Minnie (short for Minuit). 2018 BMW X5. Honestly, I did NOT want to trade in my Juke for this, but it was a tax incentive for the drone business, so it made sense financially. I finally got blue! Just not a Juke. And, since I've been driving this (this is my current car), they've discontinued the Jukes. =( Our tax incentive wears off in June 2021, and I do like the Beamer, but it just isn't me. It's GINORMOUS. It feels much like the Murano did, but I can tell how much larger it is every time I'm in a parking deck or trying to park in a tight space. I am honestly excited to trade it in for a smaller vehicle again, especially since I am no longer droning.

Minnie when she was brand new.
Minnie when she was brand new.


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