This is the time of year where I do a lot of reflecting on what went right in the current year and goal planning for the upcoming year in my personal journal. This year is no exception. I'll share my top tens.


1. Reno seems to be recovered from his ACL tear

2. Milestone birthdays for my daughter & brother-in-law

3. 3 road trips to wonderful destinations

4. Financial stability

5. Healthy enough to still walk & dance sometimes

6. Joining the Stygian Collective

7. More time to myself

8. Video chatting with my daughter in California during the shut-downs

9. Trump lost the election

10. Immediate friends & family are healthy


1. Walk 500 miles in 2021

2. Dance in at least one show

3. Learn Maltese conversationally

4. Declutter/simplify the entire house

5. Get as healthy as possible

6. The requisite weight loss goal--I'd like to lose 35-40 lbs.

7. Self-publish poetry chap book

8. Get published through traditional means

9. Drink less alcohol; consume less sugar

10. Be the best me I can possibly be


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