I'm baaa-ack (Nochebuena pensamientos)

With just a couple of sentiments and thoughts.

The electrician was here for TWO HOURS and still hasn't fixed our electricity woes. Santa won't have a lighted tree to find tonight. Hopefully he'll see that we decorated the outside trees, so he'll know to stop here. The electrician will return this weekend. Hopefully all will be resolved then...or we will know for sure that we have to rewire the house. (This makes me a bit sad, because I LOVED our little tree with the peaceful blue lights and all the snow-related ornaments...)

That said, I ran out of room in hubs's stocking, so I half-filled my stocking too. Which is a good thing, because apparently I've been a bad girl in years past, and have ended up with an empty stocking on Christmas Morning, so it will at least have SOMETHING in it this year. Hubs is only getting one non-stocking gift this year because I'm paying for a good portion of our Malta trip.

It seems crazy, but I have EVERYTHING ready for tomorrow and it's only 5pm. It helps that I didn't have my daughter's gigantic stocking to fill (I always overestimate what I fill her stocking with, so usually have to include a couple of smaller wrapped gifts to fill it! lol It's GINORMOUS!) nor her fiance's. Although I didn't look specifically for stocking stuffers for them this year, I couldn't pass up one small gift that would have ended up in their stockings, so I'm repurposing it as a Wisemen's gift (January 6th).

I'm closing this post with an article regarding a typical Nochebuena/Navidad set-up. We have never roasted a hog--hubs does not like pork outside of bacon and the seldom ham steak. But, I do want to keep Nochebuena alive, if I can: 



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