Sculpture Walk Highlights

This one was Reno's favorite! ;)
This one was Reno's favorite! ;)

I have a million more photos, but these were my favorite sculptures. Not all of them are officially part of the Sculpture Walk, but they are on the same route (some of the local businesses got into the spirit and commissioned statues of their own) and you can check all of the official statues out via this link.

Going to visit another family in our circle tonight to sing carols. These are our elderly friends and Clara's daughter, so we'll be wearing masks and distancing as much as possible (Central IL numbers are going down again. Hospitals were at 90% capacity just 2 weeks ago, so I'm glad to see the community doing their part to flatten that curve again.). And, I stand corrected--Doc turned 93, not 92 like I reported a few weeks ago.

I'm making a new recipe today for a squash side dish that I'm excited to try. It's cheesy and rich, but I don't think it will stand alone, so I'll be making either fish or chicken to pair with it.

Got my tutorial picked out for a crocheted scarf. I have plenty of yarn and a hook, so I'm ready to go. Don't think I'll have enough time today, but it's on the books to begin tomorrow. I actually prefer hats to scarves but I have a gajillion and two hats and that is AFTER donating half of my collection to Illinois CancerCare, so I really don't need any more, and if this turns out to be a disaster, I'd be disappointed if I was aiming to donate it to charity. Soooooo, a scarf it is.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! ♥


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