Quick Friday Follow-Up

My to-do list today next to my favorite ornament that the kids gave to me a few years ago. The baby harp seal is my spirit animal. ♥
My to-do list today next to my favorite ornament that the kids gave to me a few years ago. The baby harp seal is my spirit animal. ♥

The first official #FridayFollowUp and it didn't go as well as I hoped, especially as I was down with a migraine Saturday-Monday and walking with Reno on Tuesday messed up my legs and feet (though they are mostly okay today again--okay enough to hike or walk for a shortish distance). My weekly goal experiment wasn't a total bust, despite being short in several areas. Short on miles walked. Short on getting the spare room spiffed up. Short on art. I did accomplish some walking including the Santa Cause Sculpture Walk, some spiffing and some art, and I did my nails and I have WordPress and Instagram up again, though I have not posted as of yet. I'm working on WP arrangement and I'm wanting it to tie in to IG, so I don't have that 100% fleshed out yet, but I do have some photos saved to upload. I think, since the blog will be my "professional" one, it will be mostly planned content and the IG account will house out-takes and photos that I like but maybe don't contain a story worthy of blogging about.

The goal experiment was successful enough that I want to continue it into 2021. I decided when I fall short, I'm still going to move forward (but now will have some catch-up work to do, although my focus will always be the current week's goals). This week I will work on these:

Health — I've become lackadaisical in taking my medications when I should and as often as I should lately. So far I haven't noticed any negative effects, but if I continue going as I am, it will leave an impact. This week I will take my medications on a regular schedule.

Home — This one will likely take the rest of this year to accomplish. My office has never quite lived up to the inspirational idea I had earlier (beginning of summer), so I will be making it my own. I'm clearing a lot of the clutter out, and I'd like to have enough room for a futon or some type of reading nook, but I'm not there quite yet. So, I'd like to make the room a place where I can work (again) by next Friday, and I'll continue work on it for the rest of the year.

Personal — I love my hair when it's braided, especially with all the cool highlights in it right now. That said, I seem to have lost the ability to make the braids look right. I had super long hair when I was younger and even as a young adult, I did the French braid down the middle thing with huge bangs, but now my braids look wonky when I attempt them. So, I want to master a cute power braid style that I can pull off easily. Silly goal perhaps, but I have been frustrated by my lack of skill in this area.

Writing — I love the novel I started writing for NaNoWriMo this year, and I'd like to continue writing it while the idea is still fresh in my mind. Adding 5000 words this week, and among those words will be a scene where my main character is "discovered" by somewhat rough characters.

Creativity — I bought two crochet hooks. My daughter has been wanting to teach me to crochet, so I thought I'd watch some YouTube videos and try to make...something. I don't even know what a beginner would make except perhaps a scarf, but I'm game to see what's out there. The long-term goal is that she and I can crochet together via video chat.

This post is longer than I intended and I have a busy day to get to. Happy Friday!! ♥


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