Murphy's Law

Playing a bit of catch-up as I have had a crappy migraine for going on 3 days. I did pick up my race packet and I'm targeting tomorrow as my Sculpture Walk day. It's supposed to be a tad warmer than today (around 40F). My favorite swag gift from the race? A silly advert mug. I love it. It's the right size. It has a gray marble effect. I still have my favorite mug from my copy editing days, but I tend to have a favorite mug with each new job. Except for the paralegal job that sucked my soul into oblivion. I was there for 4 1/2 years, and never made my office my own because I was too miserable there from the git-go. But, hubs did get me a new mug when I began the temp job phase and then he broke it. I guess that is an awkward way of saying that I have now embraced this new phase of my "retired" life with a new mug that I love. I hope to write many tomes with the warm caffeinated inspiration each cuppa brings with the new mug. 

The mug will not stay in the tree-I've already enjoyed cocoa in it and looking forward to all the coffee mornings in my future with it.
The mug will not stay in the tree-I've already enjoyed cocoa in it and looking forward to all the coffee mornings in my future with it.

The polar bear ornament is one I got on Friday. I almost put these back--it was a set of 3 identical polar bears on sleds. I'm glad I didn't, because this is the ornament making me smile the most this year. Admittedly, I nearly put it back because plushie ornaments don't have a lot of longevity. But, we call our puppy boys "bears" because they are both so floofy and it makes them look bear-like. Reno is the baby black bear and Primo is the baby polar bear. So, these ornaments remind me of Primo and they make my heart happy. I'm okay if they only last a couple of years because they've already made me so happy, it's worth it.

Working on my spare room today, and have gotten some inspiration for a poetry card. I'm still planning to make the most of this first week of goal setting. Hope to dig into my Wordpress and Instagram accounts later.

Crescent Nokomis, our baby Cressie-Kitty, got her shots today. It was the quickest wait time EVER. The vet makes the pet parents wait out in their cars. It's sad we can't be in with our fur babies to make them more comfortable, but the staff assured me that she was a very good girl, and she's so laidback, that she HATED being in the crate, but was her happy self just as soon as she was home and back out of the crate. I was afraid she'd be mad at me (Xing-Xing Kitty used to be mad at me and give me the cold shoulder for several hours each time she went to the vet and each time we went on a trip) but she's been snuggling just like usual.


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