Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Decorating a tree today. Had to wait until today to pick up my Santa Cause race packet because they had some sort of issue with the shirts. I'll be leaving after lunch to pick that up and I need more ornaments/tree decor! Then, I'll be on a long overdue video coffee chat with one of my friends.

My new Friday feature will be called #FridayFollowUp. I'm stoked! You can read more about it below. :)
My new Friday feature will be called #FridayFollowUp. I'm stoked! You can read more about it below. :)

Been trying to think of creative ways to utilize my Instagram, take more photos, hit more goals, etc. I think I have it. Maybe. Hopefully. So, I've been having a lot of fits and starts with things, but I'm lacking on the follow-through because it seems like in the middle of the good strides I make in my life, I end up with a lupus flare. (Honestly, I've never been great at finishing what I start, but before all the flares, I did a MUCH better job.)

My new plan involves a lot of blogging. I was thinking of jumping back into my velvetjademuse account, but I really want to get my Recycled Visage vision launched in 2021, so I may end up having a sub-page on my Wordpress blog. Of course, this means I need more content for Wordpress. So, I've come up with a plan. I actually woke up excited this morning, because this is the first day I launch all of this. I've been doing a lot of soul searching in my personal journal (handwritten), and have broken my life and goals into 5 basic areas: health, home, personal, writing & creativity (i.e. arts, crafts, cooking, etc.). A 6th one may be added at some point, which is independent studies (foreign languages, feng shui, new hobby, etc.), but for now those goals will be under the umbrella of "personal."

I was going to wait until Sunday or Monday to launch this idea, but decided since I no longer have a M-F schedule, my week can begin on any day. Why not Friday? 

My goals for this week are pretty modest. I don't want to burn out before I even see any growth! So, here's what I have on tap:

— Health: walk 5 miles, and completing the Santa Cause Sculpture Walk

— Home: Deep clean the spare bedroom, including closet, hang the draperies, clean the cobwebs in the corners, etc. (Flylady.net has a great check list for this type of thing)

— Personal: This one I want to be a morale booster, so it will involve a lot of body positivity, etc. and I'll be giving myself a mani/pedi.

— Writing: Get my Wordpress & Instagram accounts active again, plan content, maybe write a few posts to auto post.

— Creativity: Begin work on my poetry cards (it's poetry I've already written and will go well with collage & other artsy techniques). I was going to set an actual goal of 5 cards, but honestly, I'll be happy to even get one completed this week, so I just want to start.


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