Christmas Money

One more full workday before Christmas. It's all good. 3 days of extra spending cash to buy presents.

We celebrated with our good friends last night. Went to their house for dinner and a gift exchange. We got them a puzzle when we went to Noah's Ark in Kentucky earlier this year. Whoever the artists were at the ark, they were brilliant! The puzzle will be good because Brenda is dealing with a bum ankle on one side (she broke it a couple of years ago & rolled it again recently) and facing knee surgery on the other side. She should stay busy with 1000 pieces while she's recuperating!

Some of the artwork you see here is also on the puzzle we got for our friends.
Some of the artwork you see here is also on the puzzle we got for our friends.

So, hubs has a client. The other side is pro se--meaning they are currently representing themselves. The other side is a bit unhinged (just an assumption here, but I'm guessing this is why they are pro se). This means a tightened safety protocol gets established at the office tomorrow. Fun times. Retirement for both of us can't come soon enough!

The new eye thingee has been awesome. I have been using my eyes too much still, and will probably need to try to get in to see a doctor before too long. Now is the time I definitely don't want to be in any medical facility, but I have a few things going on that probably need to be addressed long before we see COVID cases going down to manageable levels. Lupus sucks and this flare just won't let up, so I need to make sure I don't have anything new going on, or anything that is going to be bad for the long-term. I also need to get my baby moon kitty in for her shots-she was due for those in November and we got the reminder that I missed it. It seems like we adopted her yesterday in so many ways--and in other ways, I've known her forever. ♥


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