September 9th, 2021

Cannot Stay Healthy

So far Year #52 hasn't been so stellar. Ear infection came back. AGAIN. Z-Pak (sp?) this time around for 5 days and I'm okay right now. (Crossing fingers & toes.) At least no steroids this time around, so hopefully I can start on the weight loss journey again. I also went to dance class (line dancing) today and had a great time. Wore me out though, but the folks there are so encouraging and friendly. There is a lady there in her late 50s that has been especially welcoming, but she is a bit lost like I am with the steps yet. She's in the class for weight loss, and I think we might be the token rockers in the group because she requested a pop rock (Bruno Mars) song today! There are 3 people there who actually know the steps even better than our instructor, so I have graduated to being in the middle because 2 of the excellent dancers were in the back row and the other good dancer was up front with the instructor, so I always had someone to look at. Still spent a fair amount of time with tangled feet, but I'm in love with the waltzes. They feel so graceful, though I may not exactly look graceful doing the steps yet, but it's very flowy--that flow is why I love belly dance so much.

I have SO. MUCH. TO. DO. I had just barely started to play catch-up last week when the swelling hit hard again, so my floors are a disaster right now.

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