June 13th, 2021

Need Costume Ideas!

The other day, I posted a picture of my very last running race, which I did with our puppy boy, Reno. He can't handle a 5K run anymore -nor can I- because of arthritis in his hind legs, and I'm not sure if he can handle the 3K walk (though he did really well with 1.2 miles in December for the Santa Cause, but he has slowed down even more since then), so I'm looking for ideas possibly using a wagon for him, though I think his older brother will be fine (both puppy boys are 10-years-old, but Primo is still very spry, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down)...I want to involve both pups AND hubs this year. Any ideas? We LOVE Cirque du Soleil, but I don't know if we can afford costumes quite so extravagant. So, I was kinda sorta thinking of a circus train type of thing, especially if Reno can't do a 3K by then. Bestie Jenn also thought of "not my circus, not my monkeys" as an idea, which I also love.

Hubs is not normally the type to be excited about dressing up in costume, but he is very competitive and the recent photos of Reno winning the cutest puppy pirate 6 years ago is making that competitive spirit surface (not to mention, he is ALL about the local shelters & humane society), so he wants in on this 2021 race! So...lay some ideas on me! I don't sew other than buttons, hems & light sewing, but I am very creative & can probably turn ideas into reality if they are artsy in nature.

EDIT: So, just as I hit 'Tune in and publish' here, I had a thought...Primo looks a bit like Mr. Piffles, and hubs LOVES magic. What if...we dress Primo up like Mr. Piffles...one of us could be a dragon like the magician Piff the Dragon (if I can make it look cool, hubs might be up for that-at any rate, he could very well be a circus magician and he would definitely be into that) and one of us a clown pulling Reno in a wagon. I have some time yet, but that *could* work...

I Feel Like Secret Birthday Santa

My bestie is sick. :( Her mama has a birthday on Tuesday and Bestie doesn't want to make her aging parents sick  and she lives almost 2 hours away. So...there is a plan afoot.

Note: Bestie's parents somewhat adopted me over the years. I must have just had that neglected look about me as a teen, because they've always been like my surrogate parents, since the day I met them, and things have not changed at all today--almost 40 years! I'm even in on some of the inside family jokes, and it just makes me feel so warm and loved. So...

Bestie's parents are not tech savvy. Bestie can't be there for her mama's birthday. I am tech savvy. Bestie is, too. We can video chat with ease. I asked her if I could surprise her mama with a balloon bouquet and a video chat from her favorite daughter. (Bestie is her only daughter! baha She has 2 younger brothers, who are kinda like my own brothers too.)