June 7th, 2021

Magicked Out

In a seven day period of time, I saw my husband perform in competition--he lost to one of his buddies--and we saw said buddy (Yort) perform THREE times. We also saw 4 other magicians. Three separate shows (Yort was, of course, in all three.) Aaaannnnnd, I watched part of a magic video tutorial with hubs. I'm only a very casual fan of magic (and only since hubs began practicing), so this is way more magic than I would like to see in a week!

I was completely wiped out this weekend, which probably didn't help my attitude regarding all the magic. Where did all of my energy go? Sigh. I suppose this is why I'm on disability. I'm glad I only work today and tomorrow and I don't have to work in the office again until next week because I'm still pretty wiped. But then--FLORIDA SUNSHINE!!! I'm seriously hoping to get some of my super energy back by then, since I will be doing most or all of the driving when we're on vacation. (Somewhat good news to follow below.)

It didn't help that we took the puppy boys to the campground for a little treat Saturday afternoon, and neither of them were exceptionally well-behaved. We haven't taken them since last fall, so I guess they were overly excited? I don't know what their issue was, but I told hubs that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to take them again. They were THAT level of misbehaved. =( So, what *should* have been a relaxing afternoon in peaceful, beautiful surroundings was anything but.

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