June 3rd, 2021


Despite the eyeballs not being on their best behavior, work was the perfect amount of busy today. I had no downtime the entire day, but there were no rush jobs either. It's nice to ease into being the second assistant, though I've been doing this long enough that even the super crazy days or the super boring days are manageable, even when I come in after a break.

But, about that 'just depositing my checks into the bank' that I spoke of in yesterday's post? I already spent this week's check! bahaha I really just needed a couple of things, but I went to Big Lots for them and they have expanded their clothing choices. I don't know if I've explained exactly WHY I'm such a light packer when we travel, but one of my tricks is that I pick a color for each trip so I don't have to pack so many matching accessories (shoes are super bulky, so I generally bring walking shoes and sometimes one more pair of walking shoes, but slightly dressier...depends on what type of trip we're taking and how dressy I need to be...) and I can double up on wearing shorts/slacks, so I just need to pack extra tops. So, this trip's color will be blue (denim & royal blue). They had adorable blue capris and an equally adorable top in white & blue that I couldn't resist. So, I'm fully set for Florida...and then some!

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