June 1st, 2021

Hope Springs Eternal

Ha! Why is it when you are driving, in the shower, or otherwise preoccupied, all the best ideas hit you? I am envisioning Stygian-type choreography for this song (and also for another Hu song called Women's Song). It's a long song, so I'm envisioning more than one dancer--3 to 5 maybe. Trouble is? I don't dance well enough to choreograph! ha I mean, I have ideas and there are some basics I could cover, but I'd need a LOT of help to see my vision realized. I also feel like the Papa Roach (Jacoby something-or-another) version might play better to an American audience, but I love THIS version more, though I first heard the Papa Roach one on XM Radio and was instantly hooked with that version.

The shower and driving (unless my phone is handy and I can leave a voice memo) have always pertained to my writing, but now my disabilities have become the new shower and driving to my need to dance. I miss it. I did try some chair dancing (my left shoulder is killing me, but I don't think it's all dance's fault because it didn't get really grumpy until I shampooed carpets on a boat for a couple of hours over the weekend! lol) but it really isn't the same, and I'm a little lost.

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