First Day on the LJ

Thank you to one_raido for her post about our birthings on LiveJournal. I was here a millionty and one years ago and at the time, it was because I was very into metaphor and poetry (I still am, but to a lesser extent). I came here because of themonklaughs (on her old account, but she currently posts now and again on the one I tagged). She, another friend and I started an open mic geared toward poets, writers and musicians for teens and older in Peoria, Illinois back then called Aesthetic Underground. There is now an awesome and amazing spoken word open mic when health guidelines permit at The Contemporary Art Center on Peoria's beautiful riverfront called Whisper & Shout.

My old moniker was Velvet Jade Muse because of a floppy green velvet hat I used to wear all the time. There was a good reason I wore it. I'm an ambivert. Seriously, I'm always 50/50 on the extravert/introvert scales. When I wore a hat, I could be more obscure in public places and would not get quite so much attention. Without a hat, people were always asking me if I was a student, a writer, a business woman, etc. If I was honest, it was..."Oh, you're a writer! I have an idea for a book.........." Yeah, buddy, try to compete with the 9,989 ideas for a novel I already have written in my brain and still need to write down. With the hat, I was more anonymous, and it afforded me some desperately needed creative time (at that time, I was working a gajillion hours and my daughter was heavily involved in theatre, chorale, art, etc.) away from the home/work pressures. I began writing in coffee houses, book stores, etc. at that phase of my life.

Here is the poem/metaphoric rambling I wrote for my very first LiveJournal post on February 3, 2005 and at that time I was @velvetjademuse.

pockets are playing a tune in metallic as voices from the past echo and reverberate
trying to save my spine so i sit upright with coffee stained fingers and screen savers
art spills over the pages of children's books and lily pads drip down chamber passageways
sanctuary can be found under hooded tweed amidst the heavily trafficked tiles
magic carpets promise to breathe life into tired lungs tonight and the velvet jade muse awaits me


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