I know I said that Malta speaks English for the most part. That said...I have about 5 months to learn Maltese conversationally before our trip. It is definitely different than any other language I've ever studied. I think that's what makes it sooo attractive. It has roots in Middle-Eastern languages, but also has hints of some Romantic languages, so I think I can grasp at least some of its roots, and basic vocabulary, if nothing else.

Flag of Malta
Flag of Malta

I am really trying to not build up my hopes too high, as the world is still fraught with COVID. That said, I really do hope we all can travel abroad by May next year. I know we were saying the same exact thing 5 months ago, however...I'm that Pollyanna optimist who believes things will be better by then.

Also, I know I retired from droning, but the upper left-hand corner of the Malta flag reallyREALLYreally looks like a drone.


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