Boy-Mandemic Update

I now know how to keep the man-boy entertained while our city is shut down again...make future plans. We just booked a trip to Malta, for May 2021. It came with insurance, as in, we can cancel 72 hours in advance for any reason whatsoever. We don't get a refund, but 100% of what we paid would be applied to a new trip. I hope, beyond hope, that Europe, the Americas and the rest of the world will be open for tourism by then. It also gives me 6 months to study up on Malta. This is not even a bucket list trip, folks. Never even considered Malta as a destination, but the price was too good and we are jonesing for some beach time. The one really cool thing I discovered is that English is spoken in Malta. I don't have to learn Maltese, though we are directionally challenged & plan to go on some excursions outside of St. Julian, so I'll study up on some helpful phrases. (It has been my experience that the farther you stray from a major foreign city, the less likely that people will understand English...) It is unlike any other language I've ever studied, so I'm kind of excited to learn a little Maltese.

Tourism photo of Malta. Look at that brilliant aqua!
Tourism photo of Malta. Look at that brilliant aqua!

The cookies...well, we've been busy. On Thanksgiving, hubs watched games all day. (Go Bradley Braves!! They won their tournament this weekend. We are both huge college basketball fans. The last human thing we did before the pandemic shut the world down, was to follow Bradley University to St. Louis & we watched them come home with the MVC Tournament Championship--we got commemorative rings for being super-fans (we have season tickets) and for following them all the way to the end of the season. Hubs doesn't want his ring, so I'm going to gift it to one of my besties...we were the only two tomboys and sports nuts in our circle of friends growing up, and I think she'll absolutely love it!) Bradley played a GREAT tournament and all of the games were cliffhanging excitement. I much prefer to watch a live game, but basketball is fun to watch on TV too (unlike baseball, which I also love, but is akin to watching paint peel off a wall on television). So, the cookies got baked YESTERDAY, and we will decorate them today. My back is so shot (also carried furniture & raked leaves this weekend...my little lupie body doesn't handle that very well anymore). I'm just thankful I didn't have to cook a full Thanksgiving meal on Thursday! I have been cooking, but our big meal was purchased from a local eatery owned by one of our friends. He included some extras for us and bulked up the portion sizes. We're still working on the leftovers! haha

One of the coolest thing about being an artsy type in a small city, is that you meet some of the most talented people on the face of the earth. We've been doing our best to support our local restaurants, museums and musician friends via online shows and concerts. We saw an astronomy show this weekend via the planetarium in Peoria and also a great impromptu concert by our good friend, Paul Adams wherein he played one of my favorite songs of his and another good friend, David Hoffman--Dave has a website too, but since the pandemic, he's been doing something really cool--they wrote up an article about him and his collaborative efforts here: Live jazz from a Peoria porch, a fundraiser for area musicians hit hard by the pandemic (pjstar.com)! At one time I considered Paul my closest guy friend. He built me a reed flute for I think my 38th birthday (it's not easy to play, but I can pick out a few tunes on it...now that I think of it, I should try to play some Christmas tunes!) and gave me a hand drum with a Remo skin, which was the catalyst to my loving all things Remo. Paul and Dave are still very good friends, but we don't hang out with them as often as we used to. Please do check out the hyperlinks. I'm super proud of my friends. :)

Tomorrow we're celebrating our friend's 92nd birthday pandemic style. We'll bring him some cookies, and probably enjoy Bailey's with coffee. Another couple will be coming with a Jell-O cake, so there will be 6 or 7 of us.

So far, so good, on keeping my man-boy entertained during Round 2 of the pandemic shut-down.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! ♥♥


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