Tier 3-Suggestions Welcome for Bored Man-Boy

The entire state of Illinois is back to Tier 3, with the governor even mandating restrictions on family Thanksgiving celebrations (no more than groups of 10 to gather indoors). Restaurants & bars are closed for dining in and stores are limiting how many people can be inside. Hubs, my Type A guy, is already bored.

We were invited to a dinner on Thursday with our friends, but I think we'll be staying home & celebrating Thanksgiving with the kids via video instead. I'm currently fighting a sinus infection and on the off-chance I've contracted coronavirus, I definitely don't want to spread it. (Note: I get sinus infections on the regular--there is nothing different about how I'm feeling now to indicate it's anything other than a sinus infection, but obviously I don't want to risk anyone's health.) I have a fun event planned for hubs, that I am hoping he'll enjoy, and it's something we can do while we're on video--decorating sugar cookies for Christmas. He won't last long (and he'll be wanting to watch some games) but I think he'll have fun with it for a while, and it'll help pass some of the time. I had suggested earlier to him that we make ravs for Italian Christmas Soup (I believe one of my first posts on this blog was about ravs!) but hubs pointed out that we still have plenty in the freezer that we haven't used yet. So, why not holiday cookies that we can share with our neighbors? We had talked about a drink & paint kind of a thing, but I think I'll save that for another time.

(Note: These are not our cookies.) GOALS. If we can make our cookies look half this good, I'll be thrilled!
(Note: These are not our cookies.) GOALS. If we can make our cookies look half this good, I'll be thrilled!

Yesterday he and I made a new gate for our deck. It turned out really nice considering neither of us are particularly good with stuff like this. It's not the prettiest gate, but it's functional and the pups can't escape. We made a fire & sat on the patio for a while too, but it started to get pretty cold, so I went in early. Last night we watched one of his magician friends perform mentalism on Zoom (we hooked it up to our TV). Phil had a really good idea--$25 per family for the show, and you'd get a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant that is struggling mightily with this pandemic (and has been open for at least 40 years). 

The goggles are still allowing me to use my eyes more! I was outside for a couple of hours yesterday, and normally that would be certain death for my eyeballs--especially sitting outside around a fire. Today they feel decent. Hooray! Still striving for the perfect ratio of wearing the goggles to prevent dry eye symptoms & removing them before migraine sets in. I'm also still flaring, but might be starting to work myself out of it (other than my Prednisone couple of weeks, I've been flaring since JULY. JULY. Four months of this nonsense.) and even got back on the treadmill for some workouts, though I also tried to dance and that didn't go as well.

Any suggestions you all can give to help keep my ADHD man-boy entertained the next month or so, please share! He is interested in magic, astronomy, sports (mostly watching, but we have one of those golf ball lawn games that I think I can substitute tennis balls for & use indoors?), art, etc. His favorite pastime, however, is being social. Maybe we need a new hobby.


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