Goggling migraines. It's a thing, man.

Bad news first or good? I like to end on a positive note, so the bad first. The goggles are giving me some serious migraines to the point I have fallen behind on my writing project.

The good--they do seem to be working for the dry eye! Nominally, but I do seem to get an extra hour of eye use every day (every minute is precious, my friends) so my new challenge is to balance using my eyes with the goggles vs. no goggles but doing things that don't irritate my eyes or exacerbate the dry eye situation (i.e. computer usage, going outdoors, concentrating on anything for too long where I don't blink) so I can ultimately human on a more regular basis. 

The best news? While I'm wearing the goggles, I only need to apply eye drops about once an hour, twice as my eyes start to tire. I'm going through half the eyedrops in a day! I haven't mathed it out quite yet, but I'm guessing on average it will save me at least $25 a month (basically 2 bottles of OTC lubricant eye drops). Once I get the goggle usage situation straight where it doesn't cause migraines, the goggles will pay themselves off (even OTC drops are NOT cheap and I go through a ton. I should own stock in Bausch & Lomb). 

The fun side to all of this is that I now have 9 colors to choose from with these goggles. If my city opens up again soon (we slipped back a phase and we're down to essentials again, carry out/dining outside with winter approaching, etc. until at least December) I'll probably go out with the ugly goggles, in public no less-ha. Vanity is a bitch, but I'm in my 50s so I'm adopting an even more hippie attitude and I want to ENJOY life, not hide from it because I look too fugly in my goggles--that allow me to human on occasion. It's a delicate balance, but I'm going to make it work.


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