Plan B or C or S or Y?

Hi! I didn't fall off the face of the planet, but I have been for a helluva ride this past month. After the steroids that made me feel so fantastic and like I could take on the entire solar system with one hand tied behind my back...came the crash. I spun right back into flare, and after feeling so fantastic, it's been a little rough.

Embracing the grays with fairy godmother hair.♥
Embracing the grays with fairy godmother hair.♥

First, the photo above was taken around 2:30am. Clearly I was still receiving the benefit of prednisone (though my last dose was a couple of days before this) at the time, because I look way more awake than I normally do in the wee hours. Secondly, I was already spiraling back into the flare and knew it...I decided I didn't have the energy to keep up with doing my hair on my own, and naturally I am salt & pepper now--I'm 65/35 on the black to white ratio. When my roots grew in, it looked awful and I threw my hair into a pony tail or pulled it back (hair at my forehead line hasn't turned gray yet) so you couldn't see that obvious navy blue/salt & pepper delineation as long as my hair was pulled back, but of course that limited my hairstyle options. So...I decided to go as gray as possible so when the roots grew in, it didn't look quite so bad. This is me with my original color stripped out, bleached, dyed silver and blue & lavender highlights added.

I'm fully into the flare. Again. My legs, back, head and especially eyes have been a mess. I've tried similar things before (will explain shortly), but the eyes went from feeling normal to I just want to cut them out of my face and replace them with buttons. (Yes-that was a nod to Caroline, but no less true.) So, I'm trying another inflammation free diet as a recommendation from an online dry eye seminar I recently attended. This time, Whole 30. In the past these diets only helped marginally, but it's been about 3 years since the last time I tried, so my body chemistry might be different and I feel like I've slipped a lot health-wise since then, so it's worth another go.

That said, I'm living it up today--I will start the new intense diet either tomorrow or Friday. So, this afternoon I am enjoying my favorite fall snack--popcorn with candy corn. (Don't judge until you try it--it's an awesome combination!!) I will also be Drinky Cherry soon (just started! lol) so I'm getting this post out while I still can. I've been cooking up a storm (the best part of going to Mayo this spring is that my Vitamin D levels are more stable, so I have more overall energy) and I hope I'll continue that, but on the Whole 30/low-carb plan. I'm making a tortilla bake tonight that hubs wanted to try ahead of the Whole 30. Hubs usually benefits from my dietary experiments too. For instance, I did a 100 day no alcohol challenge a couple of years ago--he still drank but since he lost me as his primary drinking buddy, he cut way back too. Neither of us drink as much as we used to, so for us it was a successful experiment. When I diet, he generally loses as much weight as I do--and who knows what he's eating when he's out and about. He is also respectful of my diet/drink habits as long as I let him know what my game plan is. If I'm low-carbing, he doesn't eat a ton of chips, junk, arbitrary sweets (like he usually does! haha) and if I'm abstaining from alcohol, he'll ask me before he indulges. But...I do cook a TON more (and given I love to cook, it means more gourmet flair and different cuisine), and also because we are foodies, I generally go above and beyond my normal cooking so that we are more apt to stick to the diet because it tastes so good. We've even adopted some habits from those experiments that are just healthy overall. We don't use sugar much at all anymore, for instance. Wish me luck that this energy level will maintain or improve so I can make it happen again this coming month.

I do have more news too, but don't want to make this post into a novella and my other news isn't as completely formed (nor as immediate) as the health thing is, because I need to improve my health to make some of the rest of my news happen. Just know that I'm in a pillowy cocoon of creativity right now, and everything is right in the world. Peace and love to you all! ♥


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