I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Been sick. Been busy. Been traveling-a bit. We were in Chicago recently and we stayed at the Palmer House, which is located in the theatre district, and is a place we love to visit during the Christmas season. This year, the Palmer House only put up a Christmas tree. It was gorgeous! But, there were NO other decorations. No wreaths. No garland. No lights. It was underwhelming, and actually a little bit disappointing, because we remember how elaborate the decorations were in the past.

Ceiling in the lobby of The Palmer House.
Ceiling in the lobby of The Palmer House.

While we were there, we saw White Christmas. If you have seen the movie, but not the musical, it may be a tad disappointing. The storyline still roughly follows the same plot, but the subplot was drastically changed (in particular, Phil and Judy do not feign an engagement in order to get Bob and Betty together--in fact, they squabble through much of the musical and are more concerned with their romantic issues). The biggest complaint I had was that the actors had absolutely NO chemistry with each other. The biggest accolade I can give is that the tap dance numbers were amazing! The dancing was spectacular, the singing was above average and the acting below average. Some of my disconnect was how much they deviated from the movie script.


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