A Week of Cousins and Apologies

Apologies first. I am still flippin' flaring. I'm very over the pain crap and walking like I'm a thousanty years old and just want to get back to my walking and dance routine. I hope my angst means the flare is almost over, but past history says that is a 50/50 proposition. I'm resting just as much as I possibly can, so been reading a ton. I promised a book review...I'm nearly ready for 2 reviews. Hopefully by week's end I'll have that energy.

Cousin Miranda and her family in front of our family home-where her mom and my mom grew up and we all spent a lot of time.
Cousin Miranda and her family in front of our family home-where her mom and my mom grew up and we all spent a lot of time.

Miranda is the closest thing I have to a sister. I'm thankful I'm an only child on many levels (mostly that my parents were not fit to be parents) so as a child, I was closest to my cousin Miranda & her brother Apollo. Their mom, my Auntie, was not a hippie, but she was an eccentric, and I was with her the day I became a hippie (the summer I turned 3, so Miranda and her brother were not yet born, but Auntie was preggers with Apollo). Miranda's daughter (to the right) has followed in her family's artsy-fartsy footsteps and is very involved in theatre. Her hair is black right now because she's the lead in Moana, which we hope to see next month if the world is open enough for a wider audience. She's 13.

Miranda messaged me over the weekend to offer up some furniture that has sentimental worth for me--a dresser and a vanity from "my bedroom" at our grandparents' home. Oddly, my grandpa wanted Miranda to have the furniture from that room, but he wanted me to have the furniture from his childhood which was in a different room, so when he passed away, I took his childhood bedroom set. Miranda used the furniture she inherited in her daughter's room--but Charlotte has outgrown it, so her room is all Ikea now. Miranda knows I'm a sentimental goop, so asked if I wanted it. Of course I do! 

On Monday, our cousin Chichita called me. I told her I'd be seeing "Mirandita" (who is my grandparents' youngest grandchild--ita indicates the female version of "junior" or the baby of the family) this week and she asked if I'd take a photo because since my grandma died, and then my mother, I'm Chichita's only link to the Cuban family in Illinois (after Grandma died, I'm also the only one who speaks Spanish here because my mom & aunt never spoke very fluently, though Chichita speaks nearly flawless English now and teaches high school biology in America. She lives in NJ--but basically just across the water from NYC). 

Another cousin, Daisita, turns the big 5-0 on Friday. She's drop dead gorgeous, so looks at least a decade younger. I'm in touch with her almost as much as Miranda, despite the fact she is one of our Miami cousins (she now lives in the Ft. Lauderdale area), so I've only actually met her in real life 3 times. We started out as pen pals when we were little girls, and we continue to email a couple of times a month. Devastatingly for her & her husband, she cannot have children, so I treat her pup, Milo, like my "nephew" and have even sent him gifts from Aunt Cherry and Santa! lol


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