Feelin' Mellow Yellow

Street art in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Street art in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Just spent our 22nd wedding anniversary in the Dayton, Ohio area. It was an impromptu road trip, and our friends in Dayton had some free time, so we went out to visit them. Had a fabulous mini vacation! Hubs got to try some local craft beers, I got to try some local whiskies, we visited the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum which was a little outdated, though they did have a few new Space Force exhibits, Carillon Park which houses the Wright Brothers Museum and a ton of other historical Dayton exhibits, including a 100-year anniversary of the 1913 Flood that decimated the city and claimed 450 lives, the Oregon District, the Wall of Whiskies bar, Warped Wing Brewery, Yellow Springs Brewery and soooo many excellent restaurants. My favorite part of the trip was yesterday, when we spent the day with our friends in Yellow Springs, which is an artsy suburb of Dayton and where the lovely Durga as a butterfly image comes from. I bought some hippie pants there that I was hoping I could dress up if I wanted to, but they are a little tooooo roomy, so they'll be worn casually or for dance. So comfy. Hubs's souvenir is a brewery t-shirt that says "Never Grow Up" on the back and a 6-pack of some brew. I enjoyed the whiskies I tried, but I added my favorite (Angel's Envy is a lot easier to come by, the closer you are to Kentucky!) to the whiskey flights so I could compare, and my favorite remains Angel's Envy.

I'm still flaring, so today is a lazy, stormy, windy, cool, first-hints-of-autumn type of day. I did manage to unpack and get some laundry going at least. Hubs is going to the grocery store this afternoon, and after so many delicious meals on the road, we are on foodie overload right now, plus travel-weary, so Easy is on the menu tonight. I'm just making oven-baked pizza bread (on a store-bought French or Italian loaf) with our left-over spaghetti sauce & meatballs that I froze from last week, fresh herbs & mozzarella, and a tossed salad. 


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