Dog Days of Summer

Fulton County Reserve--one of their many lakes. We are considering renting a lot with electric as a weekend getaway, right in this very area.
Fulton County Reserve--one of their many lakes. We are considering renting a lot with electric as a weekend getaway, right in this very area.

turtles lined up on a log

sunning themselves in obscurity

the peaceful forest sings lullabies

the frogs join in the chorus

to create a peace unmatched

the fish aren't biting

but it's all good

our bellies are full

our minds are content

there's abundant life all around

singing to the beat of the universe

our universe

where we are all one

and in harmony with

the sun overhead

the water below

and the rhythm of our hearts beating in unison


Still flaring, but I did do some social things over the weekend. We attended the drum circle on Friday--not as powerful as some others I've been to, but I've missed that vibe. Hotter than Hades and we all wore masks, which did detract a tiny bit from the experience. Hubs wasn't so into it...he didn't like the repetitive quality. I tried to explain to him that trance and unity and becoming one sound as a community was one of goals and benefits of a drum circle, but sadly, even though I brought a hand drum for him, he was still bored. We left after our friend did his magic show (naturally, he knew me, so I ended up as one of his audience "helpers" but he is a friend, so despite some stage fright, I was happy to oblige) and we met Gambit and another magic friend, JP (who was also there to support Gambit), afterward for some adult beverages. Which knocked me on my ass. lol White Russians seem like friendly, harmless, totally delicious, little milkshakes, but their hearts remain as icy as the Cold War. (Recipe for this delicious drink) Glad hubs was driving!

Saturday got wonky on timing. We were supposed to meet our friends at their boat at 1pm, but they didn't get there until 2. I arranged for 2 potential buyers to look at our boat at noon and 12:45, but they both flaked. Hubs and I had an hour and a half to kill before our friends were even going to be at the marina, so he played pin ball at a local bar. I decided to stop off at the Goodwill store to find a cheap paperback to keep me entertained (finished it this morning-best read I've had in months despite it being written in the 1980s, and I'll be posting a review soon) and I went to keep him company.

Once our close friends Cathy & Harry finally arrived to their boat, we met them & a few friends. After my indulgences the night before, I decided to remain alcohol free and brought a ginger beer and water for our voyage. Hubs had a couple of beers plus the beer he had playing pinball. Another guy had a couple of beers. The other 5 on the boat, including our good friends, all got majorly wasty-faced. I know that in times past, I've been boat drunk, so just embraced the beautiful afternoon on the river with people I love, despite their varying degrees of inebriation. I made cranberry-almond slaw to go along with the sub sandwiches (hoagies) that our hosts brought and it was a big hit with even my drunk friends requesting the recipe on Sunday! lol I don't follow recipes, but I do use them as guideposts, so I sent them the recipe I adapted from & hope I remembered all the adaptations I made to it. Oddly, comfort food is my jam right now. I made green bean casserole last week because I was craving it, and I was also craving this slaw, which I generally only make during the holidays.

Yesterday, hubs wanted to go fishing. The photo at the top was the view of his first fishing spot. It's at a camp ground we are very familiar with, as we go there often with our freighbors who have been trying to convince us to get a spot of our own for years. That very spot where I took the photo had an empty lot. We hope it might be available because we loved it there. Private, quiet and it has its own dock. I don't fish. It bores me, actually. I would do it if I had to, but it's more chore than relaxation for me. It's hubs's relaxation, so he fished while I read more of my book.


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