Drumming to the Beat of my Heart

Happy Friday! In the middle of a lupus flare here. Hello, with a heavy sigh. I was only able to complete about half of my Zoom dance class last week, couldn't do it this week at all, and even missed one of my favorite parts of the week--chat with my OG writer crew. That said, I'm not sure if I mentioned that my doumbek (drum) arrived last week (YAY!!! I LOVE IT! And, it is just as beautiful as the photo suggests.) 

Oddly, even though I've been migraine-y the past couple of weeks, it hasn't been my main issue for the most part. My legs, feet and body HATE me right now. I am swollen, puffy, rashy, bruise-y, etc. and am finding normal things to be painful and cumbersome. When your husband asks you what's wrong with your face (I'm puffy and swollen EVERYWHERE), it is not a good day.

That said, I do NOT have a migraine today, although I am still in a fair amount of pain body-wise. There is a drum circle event nearby tonight that I want to go to, and it's set up very much like the open mics I used to run 12ish years ago. The intermission show will be our good magician friend, Gambit the Conjurer (Kyle) who runs in the same circles that I do independent from hubs and the magic group. (Is it odd that most of my besties are in their 30s when I'm in my 50s (I am still very close to my childhood besties who are also in their 40s/50s now and also very close to many in their 60s/70s, mostly because hubs is 16 years older than me, but I just clicked with these besties)? I mean, I have besties who span every single decade of life from their 20s-90s right now. I don't measure friendship by age, but I seem to be in the minority...)

Anyway, I'm testing out my new drum REAL TIME tonight!! WOO! I live for this shit--love the vibe of a good drum circle. I will be enjoying adult beverages, I'll be in public, and I'll be outdoors...in 100Fish degree weather, wearing a mask, but! This is so my jam. I miss drum circle so much and I'm thrilled I have a new drum to bring that won't break my back carrying it! lol


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