Raqs Sharqi, Recycling & Baby Reno

"Can I have this dance?" ~Reno
"Can I have this dance?" ~Reno

What is raqs sharqi, you might be asking yourself. Simply stated, it's what we call belly dance in America. I try to use this term, because it's more accurate, but it's not a mainstream term, so I generally give up & revert to belly dance. That said, I'm going to try to make a more conscious effort to call it raqs sharqi from here on out. Speaking of which, I did finally sign up for an online dance session which will begin in about a week and a half. It's called Crushing Combos--it caters to one of my (many) weak areas in dance, and it'll be in the spirit of metal & dark fusion dance. I also have some ATS videos and some Egyptian cabaret-style raqs sharqi videos to follow during this time of social distancing.

Baby Reno LOVES to dance with me. So does his brother, Primo. Both puppy boys are 9 years old, so they are both senior dogs (you'd never know it to meet Primo--he's still a spazzy, spunky wild child! lol He is also our ankle biter. Sigh.). Reno, however, has a torn ACL, so I need to figure out how to keep him pacified while I'm practicing, because he is supposed to stay off of both of his hind legs (the other leg has arthritis, probably because he favors it with the other side being messed up). Unfortunately, I could do this more easily if I just took Zoom classes in my "fitness" room on just my laptop, but there is no television in there, and I want to see every little thing, so I try to use my HDM adapter when I'm learning from the internet. The puppy boys feel like they are missing out if they hear me exercising with the TV and I've kept them out of the basement, however, and they can bark enough for a dozen dogs when they're protesting in earnest!

I feel so sad for Reno. One of his favorite things in life is to hike in the woods with me. With the torn ACL, I can't do that. Since he is 9 years old, and right now we can manage the pain for him, we've elected to not put him through a surgery. If he was 6, we probably would, but right now, he's still a happy little dude and he gets around fine with the meds. I saw a video once upon a time about a guy whose hiking buddy, his best friend pup, was injured or somehow was unable to hike anymore, so this guy built a special backback/harness thingee so his dog could still go hiking with him. It was so sweet, and I dream of being able to do something like that for Reno, but I'm getting too wimpy to be able to handle it myself...not sure I could carry a 35 lb. dog all over the woods in a backpack!!

I spent today getting some plastic lids ready to re-purpose for cross stitch...and I also have a couple of other plastic projects in mind that I want to experiment with. I need to find my heat gun--which is basically a hair dryer on steroids. It would absolutely fry your hair because of the high heat, but it's perfect for melting plastic. When I bought it about 15 years ago, it was called an embossing gun, and I haven't embossed anything for at least a decade, so I hope I didn't get rid of it.

So many little odds and ends this weekend. I got a lot done, and yet it felt very laid back and effortless. I watched a ton of Try Guys videos yesterday while I was nursing a migraine. They are hugely entertaining to me, but also pretty inspiring in the way the creators aren't afraid to look silly. I'm working on getting out of my comfort zone right now to try things I've always admired, but thought I'd suck at. I'm not good in front of a camera, nor am I good on stage, but I did buy a tripod to take some video of me attempting to create and/or make some how-to videos. Not making any promises, but I might take a stab at some of that this coming week.

On that note, I'm about to go for a walk on the treadmill. Got my new Italian vocabulary on my wipe-off board all ready to go. Sadly, I think I already memorized the words, so I'm not sure how much I will actually "learn" on the treadmill, but I gotta start somewhere, right?


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